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Why I began coaching

My husband and I are a couple that believes in God, placing God first in all we do. Placing Him as the head of our marriage, family, and the business.


I began coaching others in regard to relationships, healing, entrepreneurship, and goal setting because I am truly passionate about helping others with the relationships they have both personally and professionally and even more importantly with how they feel about themself. I've spoken to so many people, and to see how unhappy they really are with themselves for not being able to accomplish their goals, which leaves them with a feeling of emptiness, brokenness, bitterness, stress, and anxieties. When it comes to their relationship/marriage to see relationships fall apart, it ranges from the relationships with couples, parents to children, siblings, and even down to their working relationships. I sit back and take it in, and it truly hurts, because I know that feeling personally.


That used to be me, my feelings, my frustrations, my anxieties; and at that time I didn't know there was help out there, that is why I decided to open myself up with God's guidance and allow Him to use me to help heal and restore their relationships and marriages. 


I've spoken with many couples about their relationships and ways to make them better, holding them accountable for the goals they set for themselves.  Becoming better communicators and changing their mindset and the ability to think about situations differently. Taking a deeper look into what they need to correct and change in order to meet their goals; which has also forced me to strive daily to make my relationships happier and healthier, being better as an individual and to those I come in contact with, also being more focused on what the word of God says regarding marriages, and just being a better person.

Whether the relationships are of significant other, friendships, and all the way down to work relationships that we all have in our lives; one thing we have learned for sure is that the different types of relationships play a huge factor in how we feel, what we think, and what actions we take in our lives. God has truly placed in my heart to help others help themselves. 

This is a process; I am not just here to let you vent, with no resolution, become your punching bag for deeper issues, give you all the answers; but rather to challenge you to dig deep, get rid of the junk and trash that tends to weigh heavy on you; help you to reach your goals, by challenging you, supporting you and encouraging you to make better life choices. This is a process; it's not going to happen overnight, there are going to be some uncomfortable things that you may have to deal with and face head-on, but I have your back. We will stand strong together and the change will come if you really put the work in.

I want you to know that even though I outline different types of relationships here; that there may be something else that you need to "let go of", "get rid of", "need a change from" and "need a little help with", and that I will honestly, and openly discuss that with you.


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Shay Owens

Founder and CEO of Coaching By The Word 

Restoring Life & Relationship Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker

About Me


Welcome!! Thank you for connecting with me; in your journey for a better life, I want to share a few things with you.

I am a certified life & relationship coach, author, and motivator. I'm originally from Brooklyn NY, however, I currently reside in Michigan with husband and children. We met after I was in a very unhealthy relationship and he had lost his wife due to her battle with cancer. I was deep in prayer weeks before meeting him, and he was questioning why is he going through such a tough and devastating loss.  The day that I met my husband; I was heading to a lake that morning just for some peace, and to watch the sunset for the first time in my adult life and by chance, we crossed paths.  Of course, my guard was going to be up with any man I met because of the past relationship that I had ended prior to that; but when we met, since he was not trying to court me at that time because he was grieving, so with him, I did not have to have my guard up, I knew he was not looking for anyone to "get with". After meeting him and the very first question to me even before asking my name was how long had I been standing with God, I expressed to him it was on and off for years; but I was only focusing on Him at that time.  Prior to meeting my husband, I had told God to give me two years; to just be focused on Him. Let's just say God had another plan. Since my husband when we met, was truly grieving and all I wanted to do was keep him focused on God. As a friend, we began praying and just reading the word and sending scriptures daily just to encourage one another. He became a very good friend to me and well since we are married; I know I became a good friend to him. 

We got engaged on Thanksgiving day 2016 and were married on July 9, 2017. That day was very significant to us because July being the 7th month (biblical - 7 is the number of completion, 9 biblical - fruits of the spirit such as love and patience; the perfect movement of God), that is why that date was chosen. We chose that date; because we wanted to make sure that we recognized the fact that God placed us together and that God was and will continue to be the head of our marriage, life, family, career, and everything we do. We will place God first. 

Together we have a total of 6 children; whom we love equally, treat the same and never say that we have "step-children". When God connected us as a family, he connected all of us. Life already has thrown us several challenges with being together; the enemy has consistently tried tearing us apart; through it all, we stand strong together with God being the head over us. We aren't perfect, but we are striving for perfection with the word of God directing us.