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Intro/Outro Video | Commercial | YouTube Video


Create custom intro/outro videos that are great for opening and closing shows, commercials, marketing, YouTube channels, and websites. 

up to 1-minute video only $160.00

up to a 1.5-minute video only $190.00

All intro videos come with an outro video.

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Flyers - $30.00 & up

Digital Business Cards with QR code - $45.00 & up

Pamphlets - &45.00 and up

Social media flyer - $30.00 & up

Social media set up - $75.00 and up

Custom Signature $45.00

Custom Logo $60.00 & up

Bundle and save


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Branding | Re-Branding


Website creation - $450.00 & up (2 pages) | WIX

Website re-branding - $250.00 & up (2 pages) | WIX

Social media templates for posting - $60.00 (4 templates)

Social media revamp $150.00 (includes 2 templates, new cover pictures)

Re-branding $250.00 (includes 2 templates, cover pictures, logo, basic revamp of social media)

Bundle and save


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Live stream services | Management


Live stream service- $250.00 via Streamyard (up to 2 hours per month, includes flyer for each show, contacting your guest (if applicable), posting to social media up to 2 platforms)


Social media management - $250.00 per month (social media posting includes content creation, hashtags, posting 2-3 times per day, 1 short video promoting you or your business). 



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