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"Coach Shay is the absolute best! Not only has she helped me with my marriage she has helped me find myself. After 2 sessions I saw a dramatic positive change in my marriage and myself. She gave my marriage what it needed and that was all the tools we needed but could not find from anywhere else. She is very real and honest. Speaking with her you feel absolutely safe and not judged. Thank you so much for being the amazing coach that you are! If you are looking for a coach, Coach Shay is it!"

Eliza Inez (Inez Beauty)

"Shay is a beautiful soul who spreads encouragement to all to be the best they can be and she will help you."

Janine April Gulla

"Honesty and straight forward. She listened to my story and gave me positive advice."

Ruthann Brereton




“ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW  !!! I loved working with Shay Owens and her co-host Cortina and Mario. It was a wonderful experience. Their professionalism and compassion for the entire team were stellar. As the author of Numbers 35 &53 The Case of The Brown Paper Bag they helped me to bring my story to the forefront….Love these guys…Keep up the excellent work.”

….Rhonda Baker –Stansberry

The Bolita Princess


--Jacksonville, Florida  

"I've known Shay Owens to be a very kind-hearted and genuine person with integrity. I've always loved and admired the way that she would be quick to compliment and give a good word concerning a person (and truthfully) understanding that it does not make her any less GOLD!... It is good to know those good people who do not mind shining light on others instead of dimming it, still exist! I would trust her with a loved one!"

Ayanna Mann


"The coaches have a passion for helping others and restoring the ever-rising divorce rate in America. They not only believe in the unity and covenant of marriage but in the family. 

Connecting with the two of them will bless you tremendously. The dedication they show with each one of their clients; far exceeds what you would typically see from someone who is a professional. "

R. Hope (Fla.)

When my husband and I first met Jay it was an instant connection. This young was welcoming, real,  loving and God fearing. There’s the saying “Some people are in your life for a reason, season and a lifetime”, we knew Jay was here for a lifetime. A few years later when Jay met Shay and introduced us, it was also an instant connection.  I’m the type of person that will try to get a feel of someone before I get to close. However, upon meeting Shay I knew she was here for a lifetime as well. Shay has a pure and  genuine  heart. She is God fearing, Real and loving as well.  There was a glow on Shay and Jay and you can tell they were meant for each other. The OWENS family has always been there for my husband and I. It doesn’t matter when we call, even just for prayer, they join together and we pray. They welcomed us with open arms and loving hearts that we are forever grateful for.  Shay gives me great advice all the time and it’s easy to talk to her about any and everything. I usually just keep to myself. There has never been a bad moment in their relationship with us. Their marriage is a marriage that you will want to have. Their marriage is full of Love, respect, protection, Laughter, great communication and most importantly God. There are so many great things I can say about the Mr. & Mrs. Owens, because they are truly genuine, real, great and loving individually and together. My husband and I love them so much and are thankful to God for placing them in our lives for a lifetime. We are now a family and nothing will ever change that.

Darnita Rutland (Detroit Michigan)

I have the distinct pleasure of working with Ms. Shay Owens. The blessings that she shares with others is also extended to her co-hosts. I am blessed each time that I am in her presence. You can feel her genuine love for people, and reassurance that whatever you are going through it can be trusted with her, and held in her heart to present to God. I am a better person for knowing her, and I pray that each week that we are able to give the best of ourselves for others to enjoy, experience, or be blessed.

Author-Cortina Jackson

Ms. Shay truly is a gift. She has a keen ability to connect with her audience and to empower clients using sound coaching techniques that guide clients to a more proactive role in YOUR decisions. Her coaching style provides encouragement for the lost and strength for the hurting. If you are looking to get beyond past hurts Shay Owens is worth the investment.

Lia Abney