My husband and I have really put the work into our marriage in such a short amount of time. We were both in a broken space when we met and through prayer and just an open form of communication we formed a real friendship, which of course grew into what we have now a very healthy marriage. Is it perfect absolutely not, but we are as close to it as either one of us have experienced in the past.

We created #unscripted because we didn't want the things we were going to talk about to become so rehearsed that is ended up being fluff. We want others to see the flaws in relationships and really just being a real person.

We will speak on our marriage, you may see me with a bonnet on or him without a clean shave, but that is okay because that is our real life, we will also interview others both single and married to give everyone a glimpse of life from dating through the process of marriage and beyond.

Some will be typed up for your reading pleasure and some will be on video, it really just depends on our mood and of course the noise level of where we are at the time we decide to post.

So stay connected with us as we take you on the relationship and the lack thereof type of journey.

Always, Coach Shay Owens

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