Trying to walk in your HEALING

Sometimes we get so excited with will the great things in life that we forget about the broken areas of our lives that we need to heal.

We don't want to be reminded of the pain that we felt when we first felt hurt. We don't want to be reminded that we still hurt when we think of it so we push those feelings to the side to afraid to do some deep cleaning internally. We like the surface clean.

That's why the saying goes. There's no better way to get over an old boo than to get under a new one. That doesn't mean just sleeping with them that just means the joys of the honeymoon phase.. You're able to forget and push aside those hurt feelings UNTIL something reminds you of the old hurt.

Scripture says I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me but you forget that in the midst of the hurt. You forget that he is not just a healer when your physically sick but sick emotionally

Because you're at a broken place this isn't the first time you heard a message that reminded you, that you needed to take care of you, this isn't the first time you're feeling like now is the time. This is going to be the time you say this is confirmation.

You have to get to the point where you're okay knowing you're about to expose those places you don't like. That place that hurts, that place that says I'm really really really ready. Now is my time... I know I'll be okay on the other side of this. You have to say that during the hard times of healing. I know I'll be okay at the other side of this.

Hey to the place where you say I don't like my ugly. My ugly secrets

The secrets of my hurt and pain brokenness and bitterness

You got to get to a point where you take something away from empowerment

It's easy to dislike someone else but it's so hard to get to a place where you don't like your depression where you don't like your bitterness where you don't like your un-

forgiveness where you wake up and realize you don't really like jumping from boo to boo where you no longer like the fact you feel everyone is out to get you so you close yourself off and put on a filter and finally where you don't like your filter . the filter you portray yourself to be okay that your life is oh so perfect... It's only perfect because you have a filter and its time for it to be removed

There is a purpose in your pain in your discomfort in your obedience

It's ok to be scared of the unknown because that's where you can lean on God the most..that's the place He wants you so you can only depend on Him that place that allows you to fully trust In Him

.... I bind everything up that's in me that is not of you

.... I renounce the authority of the damage that has had a hold over my life

.... I willfully give everything over to you because I can no longer handle it, it's had a hold over my life and I'm ready to give it up

.... I understand that with these things in my life that have me bound I am unable to walk in my true purpose

.... So today at this moment in this hour I decree and I declare that I shall have the victory over my life... I walk in the authority that you've given me because I am made in your image. I will no longer hold on to anything that doesn't represent the true meaning of who I am. I am victorious because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

And I bind up every attack of the enemy, every word that was spoken over my life that didn't and doesn't fit with the call on my life, every evil tongue that has tried to tear me down I bind that you right now in the name of Jesus.


Coach Shay Owens

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