Trying to walk in my Greatness

Each day I try to encourage, motivate, uplift, and support others, but being honest I neglect myself, my needs and the things that I need to do to truly make me happy. I pray each morning and throughout the day, but for me that isn't enough.

I am a wife, mother of 4 biological and 2 step, although the term step doesn't exist in my home, I wanted you to see what I am really doing in my life. I have 2 grown children who live in another state and my husband is and has been in law enforcement for the last 18 years. I have started my own business Coaching by the Word so that I can help others who have and are going through rough times in their lives. I figured if I can just help one person, then I have done what the Lord has called me to do. Right? I overload my plate so that I feel as if I've accomplished something. I am starting another business in the janitorial field, my goal is to have workers in the janitorial field and it will be family-based. So like any business, I have to start from the bottom. This is what my day looks like.

6:00 a.m. my alarm goes off, I hit the snooze button until about 6:15 a.m. and that is because that is when my husband usually wakes up, oh I forgot to mention I am watching my cousin's son during the week from 6:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m., so yea, I get up with hubby to make sure his lunch and sometimes breakfast is ready to go, many times placing his keys, phone, bluetooth headset, and anything else he may need to walk out the door right next to his lunch bag. By the time he leaves, I have my cousin's son with me who is 3 and really a good kid, so now I am trying to see if he wants to eat, many times that early in the morning his answer is no. So while he is watching t.v. I am just relaxing for about another hour or so, then I am up and cleaning my house, waking up the kids that live in the home which are 2 all the time and 1 from Friday-Sunday unless he is on break then we have him a little more. By this time it is around noon, and they are up and eating, even though around this time it needs to be all work for me, of course, while they are home for the summer, I have to spend that quality time with them, all while washing clothes, making sure they wash their face, shower, and brush their teeth. Let me ask you this, why don't teens do this automatically? I am still unsure at this time, but anyway, either playing a game or watching t.v. with them for a bit. Yes, by this time I am super exhausted and you will really find out why in just a moment. So now it's around 2:30 in the afternoon, hubby is about to get off of work, so now I am prepping dinner so that can be done. Man, trying to figure out dinner everyday or at least every other day is a chore in itself. I have picky eaters in my home both my husband and children are very picky.

By this time, the kids are ready to play on electronics, which gives me a little me time, or at least it should, but nope, now I am finishing dinner, saying good-bye to the 3 year old I keep, finishing laundry, which by this time is pilled up on my couch in my basement and now I am on the computer working. I am currently putting together an event called "The Rise Experience" and that is for women to experience what freedom from hurt, pain, aggravation, and frustration looks like all while trying to stay positive, and continue to be that rock for those who matter the most. This is my first ever event to this magnitude, and I am working with two other amazing ladies on it, but since it overall is an event that I thought of, I have to ensure that everything is going right and being updated as needed. Marketing is a beast... but now I am working on the business, putting up posts for coaching, updating my website from time to time, and just trying to make sure that I am and have everything I need done for my clients. After all I am a life and relationship coach. Oh did I mention that I also am doing a journal so that people can walk themselves through their own healing process. I usually am on my computer for a few hours, but now that hubby is home, I have to spend time with him. We really just enjoy watching our favorite shows and just being under one another. So we are doing that, now to the actual reason I am just trying to walk in my greatness and not actually doing it the way I see it, is because at 10 p.m. I am now leaving to clean a local news station here in Michigan, that is usually about 3.5 hours over night. I am usually wrapping that up around 1 a.m. and then back home, but by the time I shower and wind down it's always past 2 a.m. then my day begins all over again. Friday -Saturday is really my only days to sleep in a little longer and not have to get up to do the janitorial services.

Like many, I am doing what I have to do for my family, bringing in money and trying to create multiple streams of income and also have multiple businesses that I am running, so when my husband retires in two years, we have these businesses that are now able to be worked by others and we just watch and make sure they are okay.

Do I have a lot on my plate, YES, I do, is it all worth it at this moment, yes, because I can see where God is taking us. I know that I can't ask God for multiple streams of income and then not work them when He opens the doors to those streams.

I am not going to lie, I used to pray and ask for it but then do nothing really, the bare, especially when my kids were in school. I wasn't watching a child, or cleaning the news station at night, I worked my coaching business, but just enough to say that I did something. Then I began to really think, what am I doing. Why am I not producing what I have been praying for, and the Holy Spirit showed me I wasn't placing myself in a place to receive that type of wealth, success, or businesses because I was being lazy, outside of taking care of my home and working very little on my coaching business, I was being lazy. I did not position myself to be able to have more money coming in the home, or even be trusted with such a big contract like the local news station. Y'all, I am even considering flipping homes. I am so motivated right now, to have all these different things working for my good, but I have to also become responsible with my time, my energy, my family, and my business. I can't slack in one area because that will show that I can't manage my time. I will become overworked and feel overwhelmed. That is not what God wants for me. So as I begin to manage my days better, more opportunities will continue to come up.

I've been wanting to blog for so long, and yes I also have my podcast that I am going to begin recording on again, but I am just thankful that God has opened the doors I have been praying on.

If I bring up a situation on my blog, I am going to give pointers on how to do the same in your life. I am a coach, and my first job is to help others. Keys to being able to walk in your Greatness

  1. Time management- Give yourself a schedule that is best for you. You may have a 9-5 or stay at home all day, whatever it is, you need to set a schedule and try not to deviate from that to much when it comes to housework, cooking, or running your business. Be sure that you make yourself a priority in there.

  2. Set things in their proper place- it's important to decide what is a priority first. If you don't prioritize every area of your life, you will find yourself all over the place.

  3. Understand your body, if you feel tired, rest, sleep, catch up on your favorite shows and do the things you enjoy doing. If you always work for someone else's "reason" then you will feel overworked and under-appreciated. Your why can be the same as mines, your family and legacy, but I do listen to my body, when the 3-year-old goes down for nap, I try and nap as well.

  4. Step away from toxic areas of your life. If you notice above, I am doing so many things, but dealing with foolishness or drama or gossip isn't one of them. Anything that doesn't add to your life is technically removing from it.

  5. Set boundaries for yourself and others. Just like I admitted the pile of clothes is sitting on my couch, before it used to drive me crazy because it was there and I felt that I couldn't get everything done that needed to be done, so now if the clothes are there when hubby gets home and the kids wake up, guess who will be helping me fold them or even if I fold them, they will be putting them away and bringing them upstairs for me. I stopped trying to do everything. I do a lot but I stopped because I was feeling unappreciated by my husband and children when I did everything in the house.

  6. Journal or talk it out. If you have something on your mind, or you need to get something off your chest, DO IT. Don't hold it in, holding it in will cause it to manifest (resurface) somewhere else in your life. You will be more frustrated and lash out at others. So understand that you need to release whatever it is that is inside of you. (you can always book a session with me, and learn those important boundaries).

  7. Remember that if God gave it to you, that means HE knew you could handle it. You have it in you to do great things, never allow anything or anyone to make you feel otherwise.

  8. If you are doing something you feel is no longer in your lane, then stop doing it. I am not telling you to walk away from a job unless you are financially able to do so, but I am speaking in every area of your life. Don't become so familiar with the darkness and toxic ways of your life that you stay comfortable with being miserable. That is how depression and anxiety come about.

  9. If you are already suffering from depression and anxiety, you can break free from it, you can come off of the pills. How do I know, because I did it, but you have to make a decision first to really be ready because it's not an easy walk, it takes work and the work has to come from within you.

I am all done blogging on this topic, remember if you need help, seek help. Book today with me.

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