Are you sexually satisfied in your marriage, or is something missing?

My husband and I often discuss this topic to make sure neither one of us are feeling unhappy sexually. Truth be told many times we answered yes of course when the reality is there was something missing.. It was intimacy... So although sexually we are extremely happy, intimacy was something that was missing. We had to take the time to open up and really share what we were thinking. How can something be missing when we feel so great in that area. We realized it wasn't the area of sex but the area leading up to it. We had gotten so busy with life, kids, career, businesses, school that our level of intimacy was declining. We began to really talk about what intimacy looked like for each one of us. Which caused us to research our love languages and see where we both are regarding our love language. That opened up something new for us and although it was new, it took so much work. Now that we had discovered what our love language was, we began feeding off of it to much. At different points we both felt like hey you aren't giving me what my love language says I should get and it honestly caused tension because we were looking for specifics so although our love language was correct we had to find a way to communicate the needs as desires as it related to intimacy. Communication is key in every relationship for every area of it. When you have communication breakdown you cause the relationship to die a slow death because you aren't voicing how and what you feel nether are you allowing your significant other to correct it. My hubby and I have to ask one another (more me asking him lol) what have you done for me to show me how much you love me or how much do you care.. And I have to be honest sometimes the adde answer is "nothing". Usually when it's that... That's Usually what I would have been feeling. So then here comes the work.. Identifying the why not.. But we will save that for another day. What are your thoughts on it.. Comment and give me your feedback. Also if you need help in this area book with me and let me help your relationship stay alive.

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