I am Multifaceted / A serial entrepreneur

Shay Owens

Founder and CEO of Coaching By The Word 

Certified Restoring Life & Relationship Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Podcast Host

I really love what I do as a coach, but I am also a serial entrepreneur. I am all of the things listed below, but a few things about me you didn't know before. 

My husband and I have started a janitorial company called Clean Touch where we create better homes & spaces for commercial and residential properties, serving the Metro Detroit area. We are accepting new contracts for that as well. Currently, the contract we have is with a local news station.

I also enjoy creating flyers, banners, business cards and creating websites. I will post a few of my flyers below as well. If you are interested in that service please email me, call, or text. I am happy to create something wonderful for you.

I also do braids (extensions). Most of my clients are smaller children, the parents just love the protective styles I do for their children. 

My husband and I are also going to start investing in properties, fixing them up and then renting them out, which is great because the portion of my business "helping hands" will also be opening a few transitional homes. My goal is to have 5 in total. 

I just found it helpful to let you know that you can be successful in multiple things as once. Below are just a few of the flyers I created.