Welcome to Coaching By the Word. Before you will be able to begin your coaching session the terms and conditions will be sent to you via email or postal mail in its entirety.

Once you receive the documents and attachments please sign it. It will constitute a contract between us (the “AGREEMENT”) and you. Please read it carefully and raise any questions and concerns that you have before you sign it.

 The services to be provided by Coaching by the word (Coaching BTW) are coaching or tele-coaching as designed jointly with the client. The fee for the initial assessment is contingent on the duration and type of coaching you are seeking; once a plan is agreed upon, coaching sessions will be charged prior to the start of any sessions. Professional time spent outside of coaching sessions, including, but not limited to, between-session phone calls or email exchanges, reviewing tapes of sessions, report writing, and reading or reviewing documents, will be billed on a prorated basis rounded up to the nearest tenth of an hour, which will all be discussed prior to any charges. If I am required to attend meetings outside of my offices, you will pay for all the time I spend traveling to the location of such meetings. Fees for coaching sessions must be paid in advance by credit card, cash,  or cash app. To use the cash app enter the company phone number and you will see the name CoachingBTW. Fees must be paid no later than 3 business days prior to your scheduled session(s) unless an alternative arrangement is agreed to in writing. You must also pay for collateral services within 30 days of billing. Services not paid for in advance will not be provided. You are required to give 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or change the time of an appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged for the session in full, and after the second such incident, all future cancellations will be charged in full. Coaching by the word (Coaching BTW) agrees that every effort will be made to reschedule sessions that are canceled in a timely manner. 

Throughout the process, you will receive text messages, emails, and printouts to help you between calls.

New clients will be required to complete the discovery form.

After each session returning clients are required to complete the session prep form.

Programs offered:
  • $50.00- Individual Coaching session (1) 45-minute coaching session- great for setting goals, manage time, creating boundaries, discuss difficult moments, creating strategies to implement the goals set.
  • $75.00- Couple coaching session (up to 2 people) (1) 1 hour together and (1) 45-minute individual session each. This service is provided for friends, families, co-workers. We will meet as a group and individually to set goals, manage time, set boundaries, discuss difficult moments, and creating strategies to implement the goals set.
  • $150.00- Group coaching session (3-5 people) (1) 1.5 hours together and (3-5) 30-minute individual sessions. This service is provided for friends, families, co-workers. We will meet as a group and individually to set goals, manage time, set boundaries, discuss difficult moments, and creating strategies to implement the goals set.
  • $1020.00- Supreme program: 3-month program includes the 90-minute intensive kick-off call Discovery, Transformation, Inspiring actions, (12) 45-minute coaching sessions, PDF Guides on your specific concerns, 1 Bonus of your choice, Final 30 minute call, Priority Email support. Payment plan- (3) payments of 340.00 a month. 
  • $1980.00- Elite program: 3-month program includes the 90-minute intensive kick-off call, Discovery, Transformation, Inspiring actions, (20) 45-minute coaching sessions, PDF Guides, Welcome Packet, 2 Bonuses of your choice, Final 30 minute call. Payment plan- (3) payments of 660.00 a month. 
Discovery includes, but not limited to: 
  • Finding bad habits, cycles 
  • Blocks that are preventing you from moving forward
  • Mindset blocks
  • What's holding you back
  • Fears, Anxieties
  • Low self-esteem
  • Limiting beliefs blocks
  • Goal setting
The transformation includes, but not limited to:
  • Removing negative thoughts
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Breaking the bad habits, cycles
  • Building self-esteem
  • Journaling
  • Assignments
  • Overcoming fear, and anxieties 
  • Demonstrations and videos will be provided showing you the techniques on how to calm yourself
  • Calming methods
Inspiring actions includes, but not limited to:
  • Being able to see the new habits, cycles
  • Reviewing the accomplishments
  • Self-reflections journal
  • Achieving Goals
Welcome pack
  • Calendar with thought-provoking journaling
  • Unlimited Email support- priority replies
Bonus options
  • Unlimited text message support during business hours
  • Two additional 45-minute coaching sessions
  • Bring in someone else for coaching on 2 of your sessions
  • Extension program at half the rate of the package (you can extend your program for an additional 3 months for only half the rate)- Payment in full is required; excludes the one time 90-minute intensive session, the couples, and the group coaching sessions.
  • Select a journal or a book
Ask how you can receive a discount by paying the fees in full upfront.