Married couples can have several roller coaster rides throughout their marriage. Many couples will seek marriage advice in one way or another. It may not necessarily be from a professional relationship coach, but from a friend or family member, which can be very tricky as you can end up with unbiased advice, placing your marriage in a deeper dive on that roller coaster ride. As a life and relationship coach we are here to guide you with direction and provide you with some tips we feel will help to make your marriage better, by being able to unlock the breakdowns, communication barriers, and putting that spice back in it, just remember that ultimately, the decisions made should have a final conversation between you and your spouse as to what is the best decisions for you both. Partnerships, and the challenges that come with them are a perfectly normal part of life. As people, we strive for an intimate connection with the spouse that we love. If things aren’t going well, it can be particularly difficult for everyone involved - the pressure on the thoughts and actions of a life-long marriage can also put stress on an already troubled couple.

Marriage IS work, it’s not a fairy tale, it’s not even all the things you talked about in the beginning before you said those words that are so important "I DO". All the ways of pleasing, supporting, and time gave that you spoke about before the I DO. You may feel that walking into marriage with your significant other that there will NEVER be these issues; THINK AGAIN!!!!

Now, you don’t have to get into an argument, or even have a heavy and heated discussion; you can actually have a conversation about the issues as they arise, and trust me they will come; but it can feel like a ton of bricks just hit you, because you just knew that your partner knew you and you knew them, and all the things and ways to make one another 100% happy. No 80/20 rule here. Nope, not you…

Marriage takes dedication, commitment, honesty, trust, communication, patience, time, humility, and many times a good sense of humor. You have to study your partner; the likes, dislikes, personality, humor, desires, needs and wants. Of course, there are many other things that you will need to know as well. For example, how to provide your partner with pleasure not just in the bedroom but outside of the bedroom as well. These are some of the areas we will discuss with you. Never assume you know everything you need to do to satisfy your partner and never assume your partner knows these things about you. You can discuss them a million times over and over; but the truth i,s you change, they change, people forget, and you can get caught up in the moment and say the right thing at the right time. Now it does not mean you didn’t mean it; because we all want to think that everything our partner says they are going to do; they actually do. And trust me they feel the same way about you, but many times that is not the reality. It doesn't mean they didn't mean it, it may just be harder to do when it is actually time to show you better than they can tell you.

No matter how much you both have talked about things and how they will be, what your expectations were/are; the likes and dislikes. The romance; intimacy, and in the bedroom; there is still so much to learn the minute you say I DO. Do you know and understand your love language? Do you know and understand your spouse's love language? There is also a way that your spouse understands apologies. We will work with you, we believe in healthy marriages.

Listed below are just some of the questions and/or concerns that as your coach we will explore with you. 
  • Are you making your marriage a priority after God?
  • Are you protecting your marriage?
  • Are you celebrating your marriage?
  • Your marriage has an enemy!! Marriage consists of 3 entities. Who has the lead God or Satan?
  • Marriage is Faith based, it is not an experiment, are you both equally yoked?
  • Are you enjoying your sex life?
  • Where is your level of communication? Are you afraid of having a voice, or does your spouse/partner feel that you have too much of a voice?
  • Dealing with betrayal.
  • Do you need to forgive or ask for forgiveness?
  • Money, and marital assets, is this a problem in your marriage?
  • Gender roles, is there such thing in today's marriages?
  • Is there an age gap that is affecting your relationship?
  • Are you living apart, having a marriage that is long distance?
  • Have you been, and are you currently honoring the vows you made?
  • Do you or have you taken the time to study your partner, their wants, needs, and desires? You have to know your partners love language, so that you can love them the way they need to be loved, not the way you think they need to be loved.
  • Children, and all that come along with them!
  • How are you handling being a step parent?
  • Are you dealing with the death of your spouses/partners former spouse/partner?
  • Perception.