Where are all my Ladies at?

Welcome Ladies!! This is our time to get the real in. Meaning talk about the things that concern us as women, and also things we can do to become better friends, mothers, girlfriends, wives, lovers, and just all-around a better person. Do you want to be or consider yourself a Proverbs 31 woman? If you aren't sure who that is, pull out that Bible and see. Ladies we are strong, fierce, and wonderfully made. We have a strength that is inside of us that is like no other. We were made to last; meaning we deal with all kinds of issues that come our way; we can break down crying in the car, cry all the way from work to home; pull up in the driveway wipe our face, go in the home and make it seem like we had the best day ever, again seeking the needs of those we take care of, and those we love. We were made cater, nurture, incubate what is given to us. We help lift up, build-up, support, cater, satisfy, and be submissive, and that is just touching base on some of the things as a woman we are required or requested to do. The question is, who is taking care of you? If the answer is "I am not sure, no one, or haha I wish" then the time is now to make that change. Be there for yourself if no one else is, or learn to effectively communicate those needs to others, but at the end of the day; it's up to you to figure out what those needs are. Coaching by the word is here to help you do just that. You can have a better life, you can have the life you want, need and desire. It's there, the question is how much do you want it, and are you ready for that change?

I've said this many times throughout this website, that you need to feel whole inside if you don't, eventually, you will collapse under all the stress of trying to be strong for everyone else. If your needs are not being met, it will become so hard for you to handle, and you will not be the best you that you can be. Maybe, you are in a dead-end job, and not in your career, or may have lost your job. You may be a stay at home mom, housewife, full-time student, or just trying to find your way. Keep in mind that it's okay to feel vulnerable to those you trust, but if you don't have a safe place for you to be vulnerable that can be very hard. You don't want to come off as weak right? I get it but keep in mind that it takes strength to truly open up about what your needs are without the fear of rejection, not getting support, loss of what you have, or fear of being a disappointment to yourself and those you love.

Do you know your love language? Do you know your partners/spouses love language? If you don't you really need to figure that out. You will be able to effectively communicate what your needs are, how you feel loved, and what is important to both you and your partner/spouse.

As a Proverbs 31 woman/wife: your position is to submit to your husband, love your husband, respect your husband, be a helpmate, have faith, be humble, provide a safe place for your husband to be able to be vulnerable. Stop nagging at everything he does or says. He is not a child, he is the man that God should have placed in your life. If you went and chased after him, then maybe he is not whom God has placed in your life, but whom you chose to marry. You are still required under the word to honor and love your husband. Your husband should also provide a safe place for you, and he should direct the path of the house. (feel free to read the men's page). We can and will get into so much more during the coaching sessions.

You'll see videos answering the questions you ask us. Videos will be posted once a month just to answer all the questions. To ask a question you need answers and/or solutions to please email coachinghelp@coachingbtw.com in the subject line put "ladies page" and list your questions in the body of the email.

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