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It's a wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings with everyone on #unScipted, where all the fluff is removed and the rawness of life, love, relationships & marriage is spoken about. I will partner with Paradigm TV & Silverline Radio for tv and radio interviews.

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I also enjoy letting others have a platform in which they get to share their stories.  If you missed a show don't worry; just click on my podcast Anchor.FM the website is anchor.fm/lifecoachshayowens; it also airs across 

  • Apple Podcasts

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podcast stations. You can listen online or download the app and listen anywhere. The interviews done are pre-recorded and will be available for listening purposes on the date that will be provided upon the completion of the interview. We will have a guest on this show 2-4 times a week.

Three times a month I will do an interview with up to three (3) small business owners that are making a change in their community. 

I will also interview guests to discuss domestic abuse, sexual abuse, love, relationships, sex, marriage, marriage preparation, being okay with being single, single parenting, and so much more. 

If you would like to be a guest on the show, please fill out the questionnaire below, we will do our best to contact you within one week from the requested date to discuss in more detail what you offer, or what you would like to discuss on the podcast, tv, or radio show(s). If we feel you are a great fit for the show, you will receive a calendar invite with all of the details for the show, and topic. 

You will receive a link for your listeners prior to the show airing; that will allow them to listen to the show live from their computer, cell phone, and/or tablet.

We have over 26 million listeners at any given time that are across the country and other countries. This is a global station.

The regulations with the shows including but not limited to:


  1. Radio- You will receive thirty minutes of air time to discuss your business on SilverLine radio, or the services you provide including but not limited to your contact information, websites, social media sites.

  2. Anchor Podcast- you will receive 30 minutes up to1.5 hours of pre-recorded airtime to discuss your business on anchor podcast, or the services you provide including but not limited to your contact information, websites, social media sites.

  3. You must complete and return the contract signed and dated within one week of the request to have you on the show. The contract will be provided to you after the initial conversation with the host(s) to determine if and when you will be on the show. If an emergency comes up and you need to cancel the show if it is at least two weeks prior to the scheduled show, we will make every attempt to reschedule your airtime.

  4. If there is more than one person that represents the same company we will need to know that ahead of time. We do not allow you to discuss more than one business during the segment that has no affiliation with each other.

  5. We will create a flyer for your picture on it for you to advertise directly as well.

  6. You can also create your own advertisement.

  7. No Profanity of any sort.

  8. No bashing of anyone using their direct name(s).

  9. You are not able to use different alias to have multiple opportunities to be on the show. If the segment went well and the listeners would like more from you, we will reach out to you directly.

  10. You will be able to share, post, the show you are on once we provide you with the link.

  11. We will promote you on social media platforms along with our own promotions.

  12. If selected, you will need a good photo of you (we will not accept any photos that have a second person in them, unless they are directly affiliated with your company/business) and a short bio of yourself at least one week after you are contacted to be on the upcoming show.

  13. If there are any additional questions you have, we have created a GMAIL account that you can use. That Gmail is interviewrequest2018@gmail.com or feel free to contact us via phone or text 313 459 5613 or 313 364 8477. 

  14. If you are interested in coaching services for yourself, scroll up and click book now, and you will be contacted by Coach Shay. Please use Promo Code (P.R.TV); this is the only indication you came to this page first. 

  15. We will NOT accept any text, social media, or email request. All requests MUST be completed below.

  16. The host(s) will complete all introductions at the top of the shows.

  17. If we receive multiple requests from you on the same topic, before we reach out to you the first time; you may be blocked from future requests.

  18. The emails are checked twice a day, there is no need to send a separate email to verify if we received the request, unless it has been over a week since you submitted the request; if there is such need for you to send a separate email to interviewrequest2018@gmail.com please list your name as you listed it on the form below; the date you submitted the request, time, state you are in, and what your topic was about.

  19. If you provide a service or want to discuss a topic that does not align with what we are doing, you will receive an email just informing you of such.

  20. If you provide any information that is not accurate your segment may not be aired on the podcast.

  21. Any segments recorded with you and aired, will not receive any compensation of any sort.


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Shay Owens is a certified Life & Relationship coach which deals with goal setting, matters of the heart, healing, and restoration of brokenness, bitterness, and the need to find your voice again, set boundaries, and live the best life.

Your personal information is never shared or sold.

Shay Owens is available for booking at churches, events, seminars, radio, conferences, and more. (separate contract is required)