Helping Hand
Helping hands is our way of giving back to those in need. We help single mothers, single fathers, and families once a quarter by partnering with people like you, corporate and non-profit companies. 
Items include but are not limited to the below details. Not all services are given to just one family. 
We believe that if we continue to take care of God's children, He will continue to take care of us. Partner with us in a helping hand. All donations whether it consists of the items below or monetary donations. 100% goes to the family/families selected during the quarter. You can send money by clicking the donate button above all major credit cards are excepted. If you are donating some of the items listed below, please email and we will reply to you with the location in which you can send the items. We are only accepting GENTLY used and New items. No items will be returned to you. if they can't be used they will be disposed of. Please do not give anything you would not want to receive as a gift.
The amounts and items received will be updated on a quarterly basis. We will also list how many families we helped and list the items we helped them with. We again believe that if we help the needs of God's children, God will help us meet our needs. By saying to us that also includes those that help by giving as well. That is why we will be transparent in this area and always 100% honest. All items and funds received are going to help someone that is in need.
If you or someone you know is in need, please contact us by sending an email to us along with your story. The details need to include your legal first and last name, your age, marital status, number of children, address, phone number, best time and way to get in contact with you, and why you need assistance. Our team decides whom the donations will go to for that quarter. If it is a bill that needs to be paid, we will also need a copy of the bill showing you are past due. If you require a bill to be paid immediately, once you submit the email, please call us or text us as well and we will pull your email, have the team review it and see what we may be able to do at that time. It is not guaranteed that we will have funds available to help you at that moment, as we rely on donations for this section. 
A bill(s) that needs to be paid
Toys (given more around the holidays)
Any other items you can donate that is not on the list.