Discovery Call Consultation Form

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Great Job!! You've made the decision to step into the direction of transparency, healing, change, and growth.

The goals are clear


  1. Gaining clarity of issues

  2. Understanding what is important /what motivates you

  3. Exploring and understanding what is holding you back

  4. Gaining an insight into who you are, your strengths, capabilities, and potentials

  5. Providing encouragement and support

  6. Helping define your goals

  7. Identify action and the next steps

  8. Challenging you with difficult questions, I will never open a door I have no intentions to help you close after healing has taken place.

  9. Providing honest and direct feedback

  10. Making and holding you accountable for your goals

  • Everything is kept confidential unless you allow us to disclose details of the conversation with someone else, or required by governmental authorities

  • This is your safe place for change


In order to help you, I need you to be really honest with me, and with yourself. Nothing changes overnight, this is a process; but I am here every step of the way. I am not here to give you the answers, as the answers are within you. I am here to help you discover those answers and help you to see that you can meet your goals. 


Please complete the questionnaire below so I can be prepared for the discovery call. You will receive a phone call and/or email within 24 business hours to schedule you for the discovery call. The discovery call will last between 20-30 minutes.  

We've lowered the price!! It's only $25.00 for the discovery call. 


Please DO NOT make any payments until you have completed the form below. 

Payment can also be made via cash app to the phone number (313) 364-8477 $CoachShayO